I’m 33 years old and work in an intensive care unit as a registered nurse. I’m married to a beautiful woman who puts up with my shenanigans and lets me be me. I have a dog, Winston, who is my partner in crime. I play a disproportionate amount of video games but still enjoy getting a jog in every now and then.

I like whiskey. I like it neat. I like to savor it. I like to try as many as I can to compare and  contrast tastes. I feel like I’m on the search for the perfect dram, but really it’s about trying to one-up the last time I had the “best whiskey I’ve ever tasted”.

Hopefully these posts will illuminate some of the mystery around whiskey, enable some folks to make an informed decision when trying something new, and to serve as a personal archive for myself to catalog the beverages I’ve sampled over time.

Enjoy a dram with me as this blog unrolls.


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